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Meet "Morphy".

"Morphy" is a durable, rigid, yet pliable mobile phone that slowly changes shape inside the contours of your favorite pants pocket over time, using your garment pressure, device heat and body heat.

Problem: Research shows that end users want to carry mobile phones, digital cameras and mp3 players in their garment pockets. Devices like the Apple iPhone and Nano are known for their elegant industrial design curves and ergonomic design to improve comfort in your pocket and hand but frankly, they are "clunky" solutions that fail ergonomically in operational use and transport, as well as being slaves to dated, rigid, touchscreen technologies that contradict the need for physical comfort when carried around in your pocket.

Solution: My design proposal uses existing flexible circuit board and touchscreen technologies, but is unique because Morphy takes these very delicate technologies and places them inside of a more durable, pliable hybrid plastic with a "memory" that will survive in the harsh environment of your garment pockets.

"Morphy" means that mobile phone manufacturers can now bring their existing flexible touchscreen technologies to market in 18 months, not 5 years as they currently project.

If you put "Morphy" in your pocket, by using your body heat, or the heat generated within the device iteself, it will take, minutes, hours or days for it to conform to your favorite pocket. When Morphy is taken out of your pocket it will maintain its new shape for an extended period of time. If Morphy is placed on a flat table and exposed to body or device operating temperature heat levels for an extended period of time it will eventually flatten out to the flat table top surface.

If flexible touchscreen technology is not an option, another option would be to assemble an array of smaller rigid TFT touchscreens that "float" independent of one another. Perhaps hundreds of micro size TFT touchscreens could be combined to form one larger screen to maximize the flexible effect of a fully flexible touchscreen.

"Morphy" takes delicate flex circuit and touchscreen technologies and places them inside of a more durable, pliable hybrid plastic with a "memory" that will survive in the harsh environment of your garment pockets.

Morphy devices maintain all of the technical features and functionality of the devices they replace.

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